ISSF 2018 Event Lineup

To get an idea of the types of events we host at the International Soul Society Festival, take a look at last year's lineup!  

Sunday, June 17

6:00 pm

Hip Hop Parallels and Paradoxes: Community Town Hall

Location: Shopkeepers, 1231 Florida Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

Time: 6pm-8pm

Cost/Age Requirement: Donations encouraged. All ages event.

Description: “Hip Hop Parallels and Paradoxes: Community Town Hall”
Presented from a global and holistic perspective, Parallels & Paradoxes will involve a discussion about the representation, aesthetics and diverse celebrations within Urban dance culture. Join moderator Urban Artistry’s Artistic Director Rizqi Rachmat and our panel of local and internationally celebrated dance professionals from various Hip Hop dance communities — industry, choreography, battle, club, theater, academic — as they explore commonalities and differences in their unique perspectives.

Discussion will start promptly at 6:00 until 7:30 pm. All are invited to stay until 8pm to continue the discussion in an informal setting, taking advantage of the coffee, tea or appetizers offered by Shopkeepers.

Panelists TBA tonight!

Donations encouraged.

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Monday, June 18

3:00 pm

That’s House: Entrepreneurship and Community Building

LocationUrban Artistry Dance Academy, 11308 Grandview Ave., Suite 200, Silver Spring, Maryland 20902

Time: 7pm-10pm

Cost: Donations welcomed


As dancers and artists, we love what we do. We live and breathe our passion daily and fully. But trying to navigate the business side of things can be challenging.

Join us as Junious Lee Brickhouse, Founding Executive Director of Urban Artistry, Inc. and Co-Director of Next Level, shares lessons learned on the monetization of our skill sets.

From founding and building Urban Artistry, Inc. into an internationally recognized urban dance and cultural organization, Junious has mentored several world renown artists and is the preeminent thought leader on cultural sustainability of urban dance and music culture. He and his mentees have utilized entrepreneurship skills to build individual careers as well as to ensure the elevation of urban dance culture in regards to authenticity and community building.

Come learn how to monetize your skill sets while bringing people together and creating community.

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Tuesday, June 19

7:00 pm

The Preservatory Project presents The Artist’s Role

Location: Urban Artistry Dance Academy, 11308 Grandview Ave., Suite 200, Silver Spring, Maryland 20902

Time: 7pm-10pm

Cost: Donations welcomed


The Preservatory Project presents The Artist’s Role, an evening of music, dance, and narrative art in hopes that the audience will find new ways to engage and connect with communities that are often marginalized but to whom we owe so much artistically and culturally.

For The Artist’s Role, The Preservatory Project has chosen artists who, along with being talented and entertaining performers, are also historians, tradition bearers, and modern-day griots. The artists span a range of disciplines and perspectives but all share a commitment to elevating their art forms, other artists and communities who inspire them. It is The Preservatory Project’s honor to welcome these visionaries to share not only their talents, but also their roles as artists on this global stage, uncensored and uninterrupted.

Featured Artists:

E the poet-emcee (Philadelphia)
Tatiana Desardouin (Geneva/NYC)
Al J. Powell (Washington DC)

Join us for live performances, dialogue, and personal reflection with these amazing artists.

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Wednesday, June 20

7:00 pm

Workshops with Coflo and Tatiana

Location: Urban Artistry Dance Academy, 11308 Grandview Ave, Suite 200, Silver Spring, MD 20902

Time: 7pm-11pm

7:00pm – 9:00pm: “Seeing House Workshop” with Cody “Coflo” Ferreira

9:00pm – 11:00pm: “Technique Within Your Groove” Hip Hop Workshop with Tatiana Desardouin

Cost: $30 per workshop. $50 for both.


7-9pm: “Seeing House Music” Workshop with Coflo

An original workshop from a series about understanding music for dancers. This workshop will focus on critical listening, song structure and sound design. Learn techniques to help you develop a more personal approach to your dance with the music. Notepads or note-taking devices are highly encouraged.

9-11pm: “Technique Within Your Groove” Hip Hop Workshop with Tatiana

The idea is to preserve a rhythmic flow (groove) of the body, according to music, and to incorporate technical tools specifically from the urban dances (isolations, waves, musicality etc.). The dancer uses his natural movements with more control, or in other words, with more consciousness of his body. This method pushes the dancer to develop their coordination and rhythm: playing with two body parts and moving on two different rhythms simultaneously, for instance. This will feel unnatural, but the goal is to be fluid, remain organic, and to keep ‘grooving’ within those physical and technical difficulties. These tools can be used for any dance style. It is important for any dancer under the hip-hop umbrella or house dancer to develop the capability of using technique within one’s groove. This allows for more freedom in one’s musicality and freestyle without losing the essence of those styles.

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Thursday, June 21

9:00 pm

The Nexus DJ Showcase

LocationEighteenth Street Lounge, 1212 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20036, Top floor

Time: 9pm-2am

Cost/Age requirement: Donations encouraged.  21+


The Nexus is a DJ Showcase hosted by DJ Mate Masie and Urban Artistry, Inc. These local DJs/Turntablists represent many genres of party music to include Hip Hop, House, Funk, Rare tracks and sounds that represent Urban Dance Culture. These DJ’s will play a consecutive set of music through the night, keeping each other, the audience and dancers connected through music. This is not a battle…this is not a competition…this is community coming together celebrating music and dance.

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Friday, June 22

8:00 pm

On & On: A Hip Hop Continuum ft. Kev Brown and DJ Mate Masie

Location: Shopkeepers, 1231 Florida Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

Time: 8pm-midnight

Cost/Age Requirement: $15. All ages event!

Description: “On & On: A Hip Hop Continuum.  1 v 1 Hip Hop Dance Battle & Jam with Kev. Brown”

Mainline and Urban Artistry are proud to present “On & On: A Hip Hop Continuum.” This phrase, “On and On,” is a common used phrase in Hip Hop. “On and On” represents something that’s continuous, something that will outlive ourselves. This phrase embodies our work here at Urban Artistry, to preserve hip hop culture for generations and generations. Come celebrate the roots of Hip Hop culture and how it has evolved, as we keep this music, dance and culture alive.

“On and On” will include a 1 v 1 Hip Hop Dance Battle, followed by a Hip Hop jam with special guest Kev Brown, MCs and dance showcase.


Doors Open 8pm….Prelims begin sharply at 8:00pm

Winner Prize: $300

Judges: Diana Wehbi – CLASHcph/Urban Artistry
Ayub – CLASHcph
Rashaad “Time Machine” Pearson – Assassins/Urban Artistry

DJ: DJ Mate Masie

$15 for competitors and party-goers, includes jam after the battle.  All ages welcome!


10 pm -midnight, begins immediately after the finals.

Featuring Kev Brown, live MCs and a Mainline Hip Hop dance showcase.

$5 for jam only. All ages welcome.

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Saturday, June 23

2:00 pm

The Abyss: A House Dance Experience “The Final Cypher”

Location: Ten Tigers Parlour, 3813 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20011

Time: 2pm-8pm

Cost/Age requirement: $15.  All ages event!

Description: The ABYSS: A House Dance Experience “The Final Cypher”

“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.” -Brené Brown

The ABYSS, presented by Assassins DC and Urban Artistry, Inc., offers a new perspective on producing house dance experiences, by focusing on and honoring the most essential elements of house dance culture: the human spirit and cypher participation. This year, we hosted qualifiers in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oakland, and Portland to find artists looking to test their skill sets in the ABYSS Final Cypher Session at the International Soul Society Festival here in Washington DC. In The Final Cypher, they will have the opportunity to compete with an international roster of focused individuals. Through this competition, we hope to inspire a culture of honesty, integrity, self-discovery, and fearlessness, along every participant’s journey to evolved artistry.



* DJ Coflo – Coflo Cody Ferreira
Catch the Ghost Records:

* Live Vocals from Lady C – Caroline Lady C Fraser

Check out their new release, “Reasons”!


**Starts at 4:00 PM sharp**

The pre-selection round will consist of 1-on-1 showcases, with each participant getting one, un-timed run. Both dancers, one dancer, or neither dancer will advance. An Advisory Committee, made up of the event organizers and House Dance professionals, will choose at least 12 dancers to advance to the final cypher session.


The cypher session will be a one-hour cypher of uninterrupted exchanges between the chosen dozen from pre-selection.

The Final Cypher Champion will receive a $500 cash prize.

Entry Fee: $15 for Competitors and Party-goers

ALL ages welcome!

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Sunday, June 24

2:00 pm

Book Of Styles Boogaloo/Popping Battle

Location: Ten Tigers Parlour, 3813 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20011

Time: 2pm-8pm

Cost/Age Requirement: $15. All ages event!

Description: “The Book of Styles 1 vs 1 Boogaloo/Popping Battle”

Urban Artistry and Funk in Focus are proud to present the 7th edition of The “Book of Styles Boogaloo/Popping Battle.” This year will be our cypher edition along with the debut of our “Book of Styles” Digital Randomizer. As a competitor you should be ready to adapt your style to incorporate whatever the “Book of Styles” throws out during the cypher battle.

Join us June 24th 2-8pm at Ten Tigers Parlour here in Washington DC for a day full of jamming, cypher competitions, performances, the music of DJ Temu, and simply a good time with good people.


For preliminary rounds, all participating dancers will take part in a 45 minute cypher, showcasing their honest, individual styles. From that 45 minute cypher, 8 dancers will be chosen by 3 qualified judges to re-enter the cypher together for an additional 30 minutes. The top 8 cypher will also be where the “Book of Styles” starts to get incorporated. Following the top 8 cypher, the judges will then choose the top 2 contestants to move into the final exchange, head to head for 20-25 minutes.

Prepare NOW!
Styles that may be called but will not be limited to these only:

Fillmore, TwistoFlex, Robot, Pop/Hit/Pose, Waving, Tutting, Gliding, Ground Moves
+special Book of Styles Surprises

Doors Open 2pm….Prelims begin at 3:15pm

Winner Prize: $500

Judges: The Funk in Focus Panel

Special Music Performance by Temu

Special Strutting Performance by the Funkateers Youth Program


The Book Of Styles Popping Competition concept, presented by Assassins DC, Urban Artistry & Funk in Focus, is about celebrating the traditions and many schools of thought of Funk dances from California. From the mid 60’s til date, this Funk Culture has spread globally and taken different shapes, molding it’s self to each cities culture.


The Book Of Styles goal is to encourage the dancers to come outside of their comfort zones. Becoming well versed in the History, Battle and Movement. We look forward to celebrating the music and dance art forms with you all.

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10:00 pm

Closing Party: The Underground Soul Solution featuring Sam “The Man” Burns

Location: Eighteenth Street Lounge, 1212 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20036, in the Gold Room

Time: 10pm-2am

Cost/Age Requirement: No cover. No dress code. No backpacks.  Bring ID. 21+

Description: The Underground Soul Solution” with Sam “The Man” Burns

So, “House Music” to me is “Disco’s Revenge” — Sam “The Man” Burns

Referred to by some as “Church,” this party was created in March 1991 because Sam “The Man” Burns was disgusted with the club scene in Washington, DC.  He felt that most nightclubs were very superficial…..dress code, ladies’ nights, commercial radio music, fights and bogus promoters!  He felt these nightspots lacked vision and responsibility for making their parties different and special from the other parties.

So, instead of complaining, he became independent and threw his own parties. He invited and Challenged
people from all walks of life — Young, Old, Gay, Straight, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian etc. — to dance their troubles away through music.  The Underground Soul Solution is “Each and EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT” for everyone to “Come Together and Dance YOUR Troubles Away!!!”

Mr. Burns has been spinning records in Nightclubs since November 20th, 1978.

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