A Washington D.C Metro Area Club Culture icon, Tyrone Woods is a percussionist, dancer and cultural preservationist. Also, a Certified Addictions Specialist, Tyrone provides instruction in The Basic Concepts of Movement Therapy to the criminally insane, special education, the physically challenged, juvenile delinquents, person’s living with HIV-AIDS, persons in substance abuse recovery, the blind, those neglected and abused while in residential care, and senior citizens.

The Basic Concepts of Movement Therapy have been accepted as a treatment modality by The Board of Credentialing and Accreditation at The Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital.

Tyrone Woods’ movement has taken him on tour with the likes of La Musical Dance Theater, The Saint Mark’s, Ballet Company, Jason Taylor’s Theater Movement Exchange, Howard University’s DC Gypsies, Adrian Bolton Dance Company and The Carrol Gibbs African History and Culture Lecture Series.

The Preservatory Project Lecture & Performance: We Dance To Survive, A History of Dance From Africa To America